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We can help make your custom staircase dream a reality. Read more to see what kind of information is out there for custom staircases. We can provide engineering services for any kind of custom staircase.

Custom Staircase Styles

Classical staircase

We can provide engineering design services for any kind of custom staircase. Below are just some of the common types of styles that are used for custom staircases.


Contemporary stairs work well in a contemporary styled home and have well defined lines and edges.


Modern style staircases have a creative sleek modern look to them. They may look futuristic and have a boldness to them that set them apart from other types of stair cases


Traditional stairs

Traditional style stairs follow a more traditional approach to the staircase design and usually complement a time period or era style


Classical stairs typically have additional decorations that add character to the staircase to complement an elegant home design


Functional stairs

Functional stairs have a straightforward practical design intended to emphasize the purpose of the staircase.

Ship Ladders

Ship ladders are used when there is not enough space to put in a full size staircase. They are typically steeper than normal staircases. Ship ladders are often used for roof access in commercial and industrial settings.


Industrial stairs are typically constructed for tough working environments with high usage and usage around corrosive or wet conditions. Industrial stairs are rugged and designed to last a long time under harsh conditions.


Minimalist stairs are designed to be installed with as little features as possible to blend in as much possible to the point where they are almost hard to notice.


Rustic stairs have an olde tyme style to them. They are usually constructed with weathered or recycled materials to appear much older than they actually are.


Any type of stair that has not been listed could be considered a unique design. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you are imagining for your own custom staircase.

Stair Carriage Types:


Curved Stairs have a gentle curve to it.


L-shaped stairs typically consist of two or more straight stairs with level landings between the sections. At the landings the stairs can change direction at 90 degrees.

Spiral stairs


Spiral stairs are just as the name describes. They curve around in a spiral which allows them to fit in to very small spaces.


Straight stairs are the most common kind of stairs where the stairs have typical riser and tread lengths and go in a straight line from one floor to the next.


U-Shaped stairs curve around 180 degrees. U shaped stairs allow some of the length of the staircase to be converted in to a width.


Winder stairs typically fit in to a corner

Mono-stringer stairs

Mono-stringer stairs have treads that are connected under only a single supporting structural element

Custom staircase location

Industrial stairs

Any of the above stair styles can be used to connect any two levels each other. For example typical stair uses include attic, commercial, deck stairs, indoor stairs, industrial stairs, grand staircase, living room stairs, loft stairs, multistory stairs, outdoor stairs, recreation stairs, and residential stairs.

Custom staircase material types

Photo of winder stairs

Options for materials of construction for your custom staircase design can be metallic or wood or both. Hardwood and softwood types such as cherry, walnut, maple, mahogany, poplar, white oak, birch, oak are all common custom staircases. Wood options can additionally be customized with stain color and type, paint grade and finish. Metallic custom staircase options can be Steel such as galvanized steel, stainless steel and forged iron. Aluminum is also a common metal for custom staircases.

Stair banisters and more

Stair banisters

Banisters, Balusters, Balustrade, and Top Rail are all different terms that describe very similar concepts. They all include the decorative, architectural and safety barrier between the stairs and upper level and the lower level.

Handrails, handrails are typically less decorative than banisters and can be made of wood, glass, cable rail, or iron rail systems. Handrail and banister styles can be just as varied as staircase styles. Handrail styles can be modern rail systems, wooden banisters, wrought iron banisters, cast iron, and wrought iron.

There are many types of banister volutes. Volutes are the curved ends of stair handrails that add a decorate look to a simple handrail.

There are also many stair designs that improve the look of the lower part of the staircase such as the skirt board. A skirtboard (or skirt board) is a baseboard that rides along the corner where the stair treads and risers meet the abutting wall.

Caring for your custom staircase

Wood stairs

Caring for your custom staircase depends on the type of finishing, whether staining or painting for wood. There are additional cleaning steps needed for cleaning stainless steel including brushing and pickling. Cleaning wood can be done with typical household cleaners that are safe for cleaning wood.

Budget Options

We can facilitate a design for any kind of budget. Whether it is lowest cost, most cost effective, affordable, middle of the road or luxurious. Your design will be made to fit your exact needs. With your custom staircase design quality assurance is there every step of the way. From the early site surveying which includes measuring dimensions to find available space and main stair or primary egress. To CAD Drawings, Blueprints, Renderings, 3D Modeling, Submittal Packages. And finally signed and stamped engineering drawings. All designs will meet building code requirements.

Quality is what we do:

Our experienced staff will coordinate with all of the necessary disciplines and group to facilitate an expeditious and quality design. Coordination between home builders, contractors, installers, general contractors, architects are all considered in our team oriented design process.

If you are looking for Do It Yourself (DIY) project that can also be accommodated. We offer a fully staffed structural engineering service that meets your specific needs. Whether the custom staircase used as part of a renovation, new construction or just replacing an existing staircase you can rest assured that your design will be exactly the way you envision it.

Special Considerations:

Special considerations that we will include if needed in your custom staircase design are ease of access for use for the elderly, use for children. This includes accommodations for handicap or moving assistance automated lifting devices.

We Want to Help You Make Your Custom Staircase Dream a Reality:

From the initial design inspiration comes from many factors including the location, whether it is indoors or outdoors. Then other considerations are made for the physical requirements of the stairs such as if the stairs will need landings, the width of the stairs, how many floor levels the stairs need to connect, the height of each of the floor levels, if there will be a balcony, stringer style and desired staircase color.

Also important to know how the final custom staircase will be delivered. In other words will the staircase be constructed on site or will it be constructed off site then delivered and installed by freight.

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