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Custom and Tract Homes

Custom and tract homes are terms you may have came across before if your dream is to have a home of your own one day (or if you're already living in one). HH Consulting specializes in engineering all types of homes, so for the sake of sharing information we decided to explain the different types of homes that are classified in structural engineering. The two main types are custom homes and tract homes, there is also spec homes which we will briefly explain later. As for the two main types - custom homes are uniquely designed houses that the client has a various degree of control over, these are also known as luxury homes becuase their beauty and complexity depend on the client's budget and vision. Tract homes are the alternative in the sense that they're mass produced versions of the same style of home, usually with several variation to the floor plan and interior/exterior finishes - tract homes are also known as production homes or cookie-cutter houses. No matter the type of home, HH Consulting provides structural engineering services to make that home a reality for architects, home owners or business owners alike.

Custom homes

A custom home is a one of a kind home that's usually designed by an architect, home designer or the property owner themselves. Since this is a custom home, the size, shape and layout of the house depends entirely on the owner and the size of the lot. There are many lots available for purchase that are exclusively for the construction of a custom home, such lots will typically be ready for construction to begin immediately so the owner can focus on the design of their house.

Custom home

To reiterate, a custom home is a site-specific home built from a unique set of plans for the wishes of a specific client. For this the services of an architect are used. To figure out if you're a custom home builder, you should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • You want to build on land you already own or planning to own.
  • You want to build unique houses.
  • You want to build a home for your family.

For the most part, custom home builders are generally small-volume builders that tend to build high-end homes.

Custom home birds eye view

If you've ever seen a mansion sized home in somen fancy neighborhood, most likley what you saw was a custom home.

Custom home on the beach

Custom homes can be of any form and utility, it all depends on the owner's personality and the size and location of the lot.

Tract homes

The initial idea of tract homes came from the famous Leviitown concept. Tract homes is a concept where a large lot of land is divided into individual lots and multiple similar homes are built on top of these lots. The homes often share similar charecteristics and are built with the same materials and the same developer, the variety for these homes will often be slightly different floorplans - including additional features like larger garages or dining rooms different exterior and interior finishes.

Tract homes

Tract homes are the cheaper alternative to custom homes and are often the basis for many suburban communities in the United States and other parts of the world. The concept itself makes practical sense but we can see why some home owners would prefer a custom solution, especially if they have the budget for it. To figure out if you're a tract home builder, see if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You want to build on land you own.
  • You tend to use stock plans, but usually also offer a variety of plan choices, upgrades and options for a higher or lower price.
  • You want to build all types of housing — single-family, condos, town houses, and rental properties.

Tract home builder are often known as large-volume buolder and will try to build homes for all price points.

Tract homes fancy street

Tract homes aren't always cheap, sometimes even fancy homes can be tract homes. These production homes can also be associated with high class areas that can be the size of mansions.

Tract homes on a cliff

Tract homes can also be built with the purpose of strucutral integrity in mind, where it would make more sense to follow a strict structural design to make the home feasible in a specific location.

Whatever the case, tract homes are an integral part of structural engineering when it comes to home design and construction.

Spec homes

You already know about custom homes, well spec homes are a special kind of custom home. A speculative home can be an eccentric home owner's project or an architect or engineer looking to test an idea. The reason we left this service out is because it fits a very small demographic of clientele that we feel would be best handled by someone who specialized in this sort of service.

Spec home melting effect

Having said that, we wouldn't run from an eccentric idea and would love to offer out services if we find your idea is structurally sound and feasible.

We can help you build your home

So, if you're looking to bring your home idea to life we can certainly help. Whether you're a land owner looking to build his dream home or an entrepeneur looking to make a name for themselves in the real estate market, HH Consulting is offering their structural engineering services to you!

Some content and data found in this article was sourced from Wikipedia.

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