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Outsourcing Engineering

Leverage HH Consulting's vast expertise in structural engineering to increase your engineering performance capabilities!

HH Consulting has the skills and staff to take on many kinds of structural engineering projects. When you partner with HH Consulting you will get quality designs at very competitive price. By outsourcing with HH consulting you immediately increase your ability to perform leading engineering services with a partnership that is built on a fast turnaround and constant communication. Whether you are taking on larger projects, need a faster turnaround, or are looking for a more competitive price to accomplish the work, HH Consulting is the outsourced partner you can trust.

Working as a Team

Outsourcing can benefit your firm by allowing you to complete a project scope without the need to hire and train employees in your own firm. HH Consulting already has the structural engineering experience that you need, so leverage our skills to help you achieve your goals. The end result will be financial savings, specialization of skill and increased speed to market of your project end goals.


Not only do you get the skills and experience that HH Consulting has to offer, but a partnership with HH Consulting allows you to focus on the aspects of work that your firm is most proficient at. Whether its staff augmentation, project based or to help your firm gain expertise in the structural engineering and design field you always know that the structural engineering and design of your project is being handled by a firm that can manage the work efficiently.

Problem solving together

Other benefits of outsourcing include telecommuting which means we can work anywhere, remotely. Reduced office space due to our employees being located in our own office. Reduction in management costs due to a single point of contact. And the other benefits that go along with using a contracted firm rather than inhouse labor.


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