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Platforms are also referred to as industrial work platforms, elevated work platforms, raised equipment platforms, elevated platforms, second floor structure erections and industrial platforms, tank platforms, equipment platforms, machinery platforms, working platforms, and machinery platforms. Other names include raised walkways, raised crossovers, equipment canopies and mezzanines.

Regardless of the name these structures, they are used to access areas that are raised above the ground floor. Raising equipment above the ground floor can remove hazardous obstructions and protect equipment. Raising equipment also allows you to have more equipment per square foot of space because you are building up.

Commercial Facility Platforms

Platforms include other accessory structural elements such as guard rails, gates. Additionally, stairs are used to access the different levels of platforms. Higher platforms will have stairs with landings. We can design the stairs separately if you are looking to add additional access to an existing platform.

All designs are based around your specific needs including your space and equipment requirements.

Other Platform uses

Platforms can be used to elevate spaces such as office spaces, pallet storage, general storage space, parts storage, bulk storage and liquid storage. Platforms can help you access tops of tanks or transport trucks. Other mechanical equipment can be supported by platforms such as air handling equipment, pipe supports, and conveyor systems.

Work platforms increase convenience and safety by being modular, easy to install, lightweight, high strength. These platforms provide a slip resistant surface and can be corrosion resistant. Platforms allow you to gain use of overhead space that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Platform Options

Type of materials for platforms include fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Additionally, there are many finish options available for your platform including powder coat color finishes and anodizing.

Industrial Facility Platforms

Industries using platforms include electrical buildings, process equipment buildings, chemical facilities, pumping stations, large equipment facilities, industrial processing facilities, sorting centers, military installations, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and many more.

Platforms can be designed to be custom, modular. Platforms can be erected indoors or outdoors, they can be welded together or bolted together. Your platform design can be any form shape or size that you require for maximum versatility. Construction of your platform can be pre-manufactured or fabricated by a local fabrication shop contractor.

Special Considerations

Some additional considerations that will be taken in to account for your platform design will be how you plan to use the work platform, the foundation support capacity of the platform and the equipment it will support, the spatial constraints of the space, clearance space for mobile equipment such as aerial work platforms and forklifts, international building code (IBC) requirements.

We will provide a professionally engineered, P.E. stamped design. Platform designs are customized and meet or exceed all seismic design requirements.

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