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Pre-Fabricated Structure Design

If you are planning on using a prefabricated design approach for your next build then hhconsulting is here to help. We specialize in the design and engineering services for your current or future prefabricated structure project.

More Information about Pre-Fabricated Structures

Some general information about prefabricated structures is that they can be made from steel, concrete or wood depending on the type of structure. They can be used in residential and commercial projects including housing, storage units, gas stations and many other types of structures.

Prefabricated metal structures typically consist of a steel frame upon which Roll-formed sheet metal is used as an outer sheathing. The outer sheathing has many customizable options including the corrugated sheet metal profiles. Sheet metal profile types include: curved, rib, V-beam, R-panel, B-deck, box, sine, Cor. Additionally, other options such as colors and finishes can make every prefabricated metal structure design unique.

Having a concrete structure prefabricated eliminates the challenges associated with on-site concrete form work and transportation of wet concrete.

Prefabrication can be used for the construction of residential or commercial structure such as apartment blocks, housing developments. A prefabricated building is a special kind of prefabricated structure. A prefabricated building is assembled from factory made components such as sections of walls that have already been framed and delivered to the site where a crane can simply move the modular components in to place for final assembly.

Modern Steel Design

Many steel prefabricated structures are used in commercial locations. Popular types of prefabricated structures in the commercial industry are gas station canopies and indoor and outdoor self-storage units.

Some more niche prefabricated structures include protection shelters able to withstand extreme conditions.

Prefabricated metal structures are very versatile and can be used to retrofit or renovate existing space with new partition walls.

Comparison to traditional construction

Construction Crane

The main difference between prefabricated structures and conventional construction projects is that for prefabricated structures the majority of the assembly is done in a specialized factory where as in a traditional construction project all of the materials of construction need to be transported and stored on site and then finally assembled on site.

Key benefits of Pre-Fabricated Structures

Because of the nature of a prefabricated structure, it is possible that the modular construction can be disassembled and relocated to a different site if needed.

Another key benefit of prefabricated construction is that the construction phase of the project takes much less on-site time. Most of the heavy fabrication is done off site in a safe warehouse by trained professionals. This means the risk of on-site injuries and down time are significantly reduced.

Factory Worker

Prefabricated structures also go hand in hand with custom designs and big financial savings. The prefabrication of structures means that material suppliers can offer bulk discounts that are passed on to the purchaser.

Prefabricated construction can be an eco-friendly design choice. As modular construction allows for a more streamlined build as the entire build process is done in a specialized facility. The specialized equipment and skilled craftsmen and craftswomen who work in prefabrication factories mean there is much less waste of materials that happen in traditional construction projects. Typically, materials can be recycled in house rather than being transported to a job site where they may end up in a dumpster.

The benefit of prefabricated designs is that there are many options for customization including the architectural concept and ancillary and accessory items that go in to the final design package.

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