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Remodels are a good alternative to new construction projects - where instead of building a new structure, you remodel an existing structure to fit your needs. A residential remodels can be something like attaching a patio to the backyard of your house, breaking down a wall to connect the kitchen to the dining room, or expanding your garage to fit two cars. Although residential remodels are often on a smaller scale than commercial remodels, the project can be as extensive as your needs and budget. More often than not, a remodel is a smarter and more cost efficient approach for many clients and engineers. Here at HH Consulting, we specialize in both residential and commercial remodels and can help you get your project off the ground with our remodeling services, as we'll explain further below.

Commerical Remodels

Commercial remodel of office exterior

Commercial remodels are often extensive projects that a business would choose to undertake as an alternative to building a new facility. Often it can be more cost effective to remodel an existing structure to fit a business need than to relocate to a new facility. Depending on the needs of the business, a commercial remodel can be a good investment for any smart business owner.

Stages of a commercial remodel

There are several stages to the commercial remodel that needs to meet the same standards as a new build. In most cases, you can find the following stages in a commercial remodel project:

  • Planning and design
  • Pricing and bidding
  • Engineering plans and blueprints
  • Purchasing and transport of materials
  • Structural repair and re-design
  • Rebuilding of structure
  • Finishing touches
  • Clean up and removal of debris

Commercial remodel of office interior

Whenever a company chooses to take on a commercial remodeling project, they also need to understand that there are engineers and contractors that specialize in remodels - we recommend hiring someone with experience specific to the type of work required for your commercial remodel project. Depending on the scale of the commercial remodel project, you may need to hire several engineers, contractors and sub-contractors who specialize in the various parts of the construction project. Things like plumbing and electrical wiring will often require specialists to do the work correctly for your commercial remodel project.

The timeline for a commercial remodel project usually depends on the scale and the requirements of the remodel. For example, if the commercial remodel project is taking place inside an occupied building or facility then it would take extra time and effort to section of parts of the building and complete the remodel in cycles while the business continues to operate. There may also be remodel projects that don't require this special detail but may still take long to complete simply because of the size of the building. For example, an abandoned facility that's several stories high can take several months and even years to completely remodel.

Commercial remodeling projects can vary depending on the client's budget and ideas, so the project depends not only on the skills of the engineer or contractor but also on how flexible the client's budget is and how detailed their idea is. Since putting an idea on paper can be difficult, usually it's a good idea to let a proper engineer handle the details so communicating with the contractors becomes easier - this is one of the things we at HH Consulting can provide as a service.

Residential Remodels

Residential remodel of old house

Residential remodeling (also known as home renovation or home improvement) is a process of improving a broken, damaged, or outdated residential structure. A residential remodel can also involve making additions to one's home like upgrading an existing home interior (such as electrical and plumbing), exterior (masonry, concrete, siding, roofing), or other improvements to the property (i.e. garden work or garage maintenance/additions). There is no limit to what you can do in a residential remodel and like stated before, it can entirely depends on the client's budget and vision as well as the engineer and contractors involved with the remodeling work.

Stages of a residential remodel

The residential remodeling process can usually be broken down into several stages:

  • Planning and design
  • Engineering plans and blueprints
  • Structural repair and re-design
  • Rebuilding of structure
  • Finishing touches
  • Clean up and removal of debris

As you can see, the stages are very similar to commercial remodeling, minus a few stages - that's mainly because the work is very similar, although not on the same scale.

Residential remodel of old bedroom

There are many reasons for doing residential remodels, many people choose to do a remodel on their home to improve their lifestyle or to satisfy a vision or dream or need that they may have. Many contractors or builders do it as a steady form of income. No matter what your reasons for doing a residential remodel, there is much good in doing a remodel than buying or building a new home.

Some positive economic side effects of doing a residential remodel in your area are:

  • Creating jobs in the community.
  • Increasing spending in your local area.
  • Promoting gentrification to make your community a valuable location for new business and residents.
  • Generating tax revenue during both the construction and residential phases.

Whatever the type of residential model you need, we at HH Consulting can help you achieve your goals with our valued and trusted services.

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