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Shade Structures

We offer engineer services for the design of shade structures. There are many kinds of shade structures. Common types of shade structures are shade sail, entrance canopy or any other type outdoor canopy or shade system. Shade structures can be installed for residential, commercial or public areas. Areas such as parks & recreation, hotels & casinos, residential homeowners, and commercial business owners commonly use shade structures.

Shade Structure Types

Gazebo shade structure

Shade structures can be awnings, cabanas, and pool accessory structures that provide shade and shelter. Shade structures can be created with many different types of effective shading materials including fabric structures, textile facades, and tension structures.


Shade structure design includes working with you for your specific shade structure needs including the preliminary assessment through intermediate design submittals, Design Renderings, permitting all the way through Working with Manufacturers and installers, contractors or even Do It Yourself (DIY) to ensure you get the best shade structure to meet your needs.

Shade Structure Material Types

Fabric shade structure

Materials of construction can be hard wood, metal including steel and aluminum and or laminated beams. Shade structures with laminated beams include laminated shelters, laminated solid arches. Other common types of shade structures are pergolas, gazebos, steel beam shade structures.

Budget Options

Pergola shade structure

We offer efficient and Economical Solutions for your shade structure needs.

We Would Love to Design Your Custom Shade Structure

Your shade structure will provide premium shading to stay cool while sheltering you and your loved ones from the heat of the sun. We work with architects to create a shade structure with the ideal design and function for your specific needs. Awnings provide ideal solutions for shade and protection from the elements. They can easily be combined with a gutter system to protect homes and businesses from rain and sun damage.

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