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Single and Multi-Family Projects

If you are planning on developing a single-family residential unit or a multi-family residential project then hhconsulting is here to help. We specialize in the design and engineering services for your current or future development structure project.

More Information about Single Family Residential Projects

A single-family detached home may also be called a single-family home, single detached dwelling, detached residence or detached house. As the name implies these are stand-alone structures built on a plot of land with a yard, possibly a garage with direct street access. The exact qualifications for a property being considered will vary with jurisdictions but most often can be distinguished by the direct street access, and the heating and air conditioning systems (HVAC) and hot water and utility services not being shared with another dwelling unit.

Single Family Houses

Major benefits to single family homes are that privacy that they afford. For example, the peace and quiet that a single family has over an apartment that may share walls, floors and ceilings with other dwelling units.

There are many different types of single-family residences often distinguished by their design and size. Some types of single-family detached homes are cottages, bungalows, ranch houses, villas or mansions. There are a variety of construction methods that can be used to construct a single-family residence such as pre-fabricated structures, modular homes, custom tract homes. A single-family home is very customizable such as with custom stairs and can be remodeled much easier than multifamily residences.

Single family homes are typically built in regions where land availability is high or there is a desire for privacy at the additional cost of inefficient use of land. In other instances, it may make more financial sense to develop a property that offers the ability to have a higher per capita density, such as a Multi-family residential project.

More Information about Multi-family Residential Projects

Duplex Residential

Multifamily residential projects allow for multiple living spaces to be built within a single structure on a single plot of land.

Common types of multi-family residential projects that most people are familiar with are apartment buildings, condominiums, townhomes and duplexes, triplex and quadplex.

Most often a multi-family residential project is constructed as an investment with the intention of renting out the living spaces to tenants for a long-term source of revenue.

Apartment Multi Family Residential

The simplest form of a multi-family residential project is the Duplex. A duplex as the name suggests includes two living spaces within a single building. The term is extensible to include three and four living spaces such as a triplex and quadplex, respectively. Continuing on up to a multi-plex where the distinction between a -plex style home and an apartment building is less clear. The distinction is somewhat arbitrary but usually comes down to the size of the building, as apartments are typically much larger and may include features such as elevators and stairwells.

Multi Family Residential

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