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Tilt Up Structures

A tilt up structure, also referred to as a tilt up wall or tilt up concrete wall is a concrete wall that is poured on-site horizontally. Once cured it is then raised in to a vertical position using a crane. The raising of the tilt wall is called righting, once it has been raised it is said to have been righted.

Benefits of a building made with tilt up walls it that it is cost effective and can have a shorter construction time.

Concrete Wall

The design of your tilt up structure includes consideration of all the steps needed to have a successful project. These steps include a detailed site investigation and survey engineering. Further engineering considerations will analyze the footings and floor slabs. The design will detail all of the important elements including formwork requirements, steel placement including rebar grid, embeds and inserts.

Specifications for each step will be provided for the contractor and will be reviewed by the engineer.

Collaborative Design

We will work with you and any other design disciplines such as architects to make sure that the design exceeds all of your expectations. The design approach will consider your window size and configuration needs.

Construction Site

Some common buildings that use tilt up structures include office buildings, churches, retail centers, schools, manufacturing facilities, warehouses and even schools. Any structure that would benefit from a large open floorplan also makes tilt up a economical and time efficient building method.

Contact Us As Soon as Possible

It is very important if you are considering a tilt up structure that you contact us as soon as possible due to the structural requirements that are particular to the construction method. Tile up structures have very particular requirements for foundation design, wall engineering and load analysis such as panel openings, thickness and reinforcing design.

Additionally analysis of the geotechnical considerations such as soil analysis must be done early as this report will be used in the design of the tile up structure.

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