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Value Engineering

Value Engineering

Value engineering is an organized approach to lowering the cost of a project while maintaining all of the same necessary functions of the original project scope. By analyzing every detail of the project design and specifications and making recommendations for changes for example substituting with less expensive alternatives the overall project cost can be reduced without sacrificing the desired finished product.


Value engineering includes the review of all of the project components including the materials used and methods of construction. By using the most cost-effective way of doing something without taking away from the purpose of that thing, it will result in reducing costs. By examining the requirements and essential functions of the project, value engineering can give you an optimal strategy for the lowest total cost of the project, including capital costs, energy costs, maintenance costs and other costs.

Value engineering can begin at any point of the project. Value engineering will add value to a project in the planning phase, design phase up through the construction of that project. It is best to start planning for value engineering early in the project. The sooner that value engineering is started the larger savings one can expect over the life of the project. If you are considering adding value to your project please call us at HH Consulting as soon as possible.


Some core components of a through value engineering examination include: reviewing the project plan, doing an analysis of the function of the project, collaboration with the owners on how value will be defined, exploration of the key design criteria and objectives of the project, validation of the project scope, consideration for future expansion, comparison and contrast of alternative solutions, budget analysis.

These core components of value engineering will be done in steps. The first step will be discussions to understand the project background and understanding the objectives and key criteria of the project. Then the creative side of the process begins as the value engineering team brainstorms every possible alternative that is available while maintaining the same project functions. These alternatives are evaluated by comparison and contrast. Finally, the final recommended design changes are produced in a report that describes their advantages and disadvantages including cost comparisons.

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These value engineering examinations can help alleviate the possibilities or reduce the probabilities of costly redesign costs if they are caught early. There is also immense value from having an outside view of the project alternatives that may be lost when a client is only working with a single group of people for an extended period of time.

It's important to note that value engineering is not cost cutting by a reduction in quality. The end result will have the exact same functional result but at a lower cost due to efficiencies that may have been overlooked in the original design. Examples such as advancements in technology, new materials or methods that are objectively better than older ones not being incorporated in to a design originally. Value engineering is also not a peer review of a design.

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Other factors considered in value engineering include the production, maintenance, design and future replacement costs associated with a particular design all based on the desired life cycle of the final constructed project.

A value engineering review by the experienced engineering team at HH Consulting will give you assurance that your project will be executed in the most cost-efficient manner and to improve performance, reliability, quality, safety and life cycle costs.

Some content and data found in this article was sourced from Wikipedia.

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