Posted on December 17, 2020 in Structural Engineering

The Modern Pergola Designs Giving Us Backyard Goals

In a time of stay-at-home orders and quarantine, household projects and renovations abound. Like us, many of our clients are taking a closer look around and thinking of ways to improve their surroundings. Customers are calling HH Consulting in their search to:

  • Add value to their home
  • Make their space more enjoyable
  • Get creative with hosting friends outside

As structural engineers, we get to work with a community of innovators who are making life better for people like these. One fine example is our partners and friends at 4K Aluminum. They’re bringing modern backyard patio designs to new heights with non-traditional manufacturing materials that are stylish, unique, and built for any climate.

Here’s a little more about the company taking modern pergola designs and patio covers to the next level.


Who is 4K Aluminum? 4K is an American owned, family run company. “4K” stands for the first letter of each family member’s name—owners Kim and Keith and their two daughters Katherine and Kylie.

How did 4K Aluminum start? 4K was born out of pure necessity. When Kim and Keith bought a home in Las Vegas, they needed a shade cover and none of the options would suffice. Having spent 20+ years in the aluminum business, Kim knew which materials and finishes were built to last and Alumawood was not the answer. Nor was anything that would rot (wood), rust (steel), or cost \$120 per square foot.

They knew that with Las Vegas’ extreme weather conditions, they needed a patio cover that would stay strong year-round and for decades to come. Something that required little upkeep and maintenance but was also beautiful with a modern aesthetic. With that, Kim and Keith got busy and launched 4K Aluminum.

(It was about this time our structural engineering firm was lucky enough to meet them).

How is 4K Aluminum different?

The material: 4K’s aluminum is aircraft grade alloy meaning it’s incredibly durable yet lightweight. They also chose extrusion over roll-forming and the difference in stability and strength cannot be overstated. The structural engineers at HH Consulting have ensured exceptional structural integrity so 4K’s products can withstand extreme conditions, including 130 mph winds, heavy snow, and rain.

Design capabilities: There’s no one design fits all when it comes to backyard add-ons. That’s why 4K offers an array of artistic patterns and options to filter light beautifully while adding a personal touch. This type of styling used to only exist in custom construction (until now).

Note: If you’re adding other elements like a swimming pool or retaining wall, we’ll make sure they complement each other perfectly. Tell us what you’re envisioning—our structural engineering firm can help.

Sleek setup: You had the perfect patio cover idea, the architect made beautiful designs, then? There are nasty-looking brackets, too many rafters, steel inserts, and numerous columns obstructing your view. Bummer. This doesn’t happen with 4K products. Many traditional aluminum patio cover companies have a max of up to eight feet before needing inserts for stability, but not 4K. In fact, the material is so durable, it has the engineered capability of spanning up to 33 feet with only two posts. Plus, proprietary beam connectors and brackets allow for covert screw installation.

The finish: A method all their own, 4K aluminum uses a gold chromate plating process from the inside out prior to applying an Italian powder coating. The benefits of this chromate conversion and powder coating, include:

  • No corrosion or deterioration.
  • The products maintain the conductive properties of aluminum.
  • Powder coatings are thicker and more durable than wet paint.
  • Powder coatings don’t have solvents and release few volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.
  • The unique custom powder coating comes with a 20-year warranty.


If you’re considering an upgrade to your backyard, check out design options at 4K Aluminum. In addition to pergolas and patio covers, they’re adding a fleet of new products in the coming months, including motorized louver roof systems.

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